Order Oil Online

Will-Call Delivery

Fireman’s Fuel customers can receive deliveries on a will-call basis throughout the Greater Boston area. You can order oil when and however frequently you would like by calling our phone number or ordering online. Once your order is received, the delivery will be made the next business day, assuming conditions and weather cooperate.

Fireman’s Fuel is a C.O.D. (cash on delivery) company. We accept cash, money order, and all major credit cards.

Automatic Delivery

By choosing Fireman’s Fuel daily low-rate automatic delivery option, our customers never have to worry about running empty or calling for delivery. By keeping track of your usage in accordance?to the current outside temperatures using the Degree Day System, we can forecast your next scheduled delivery. You will no longer need to monitor your tank gauge or worry about running low on fuel. Automatic delivery customers?receive the same low price available to our will-call customers and without incurring additional fees. It’s our most convenient AND cost-effective option.

All automatic delivery accounts must have a credit card on file to be billed after each delivery.


Commercial Fuel Delivery

Fireman’s Fuel provides some of Boston?s largest commercial heating oil consumers with discounted oil prices. Our staffs of sales representatives are always available to discuss pricing options with you. Not to mention, heavy volume users may qualify for special pricing.

Contact us for details and start saving your company money!

Budget Plans

Budget plans are available to Fireman’s Fuel customers who choose to spread their fuel costs equally throughout the entire year. Budget plans can be set over a 10- or 12-month period. We simply make educated estimations on your fuel usage for the year based on weather, house size, and personal preferences. We take the years total and divide by either ten or twelve months. That new total is your monthly payment.